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January 6, 2009

  • I've been an employee of Best Buy since October, and I've now been promoted to the Geek Squad. I'm still furious that it is only a part-time position, but I am hell bent on building my reputation. Of course, anybody with half a reputation can buy me out if they make me a good enough offer...

  • I passed my A+ IT Technician certification with flying colours, and I think the managers were impressed with the scores. After 11 years of working with computers, I now have a silly piece of paper to prove to others that I'm not just another joe shmoe that knows nothing.

  • At the request of my managers, the computer repair section is going down, but the knowledge base I've decided is something that must stay. (The hit counter has spoken.)

July 20, 2008

  • Major update: created the computer section. Everything computer-related (including my repair section) is in there.

  • New standard for all tables will use 1 pixel width border colour for the cells only. Colour is Hex={00,40,80}.

July 13, 2008

  • Updated the Computer Repair section: added column for the amount of time it takes me to do an item so that people understand where their money is going to. Also a few other minor edits to this page.

July 07, 2008

  • Created a new section for the game Diablo 2 in the Links section.

  • Created a new section called Computer Repair. Go there to get pricing for what I do.

  • Currently working on a website for The Cake Boutique. Hoping to reserve

June 10, 2008

  • Made new sig-pic. (The picture at the top of the page.)

  • Took some pictures of my current computer setup. Emphasis is on the water cooling.

  • I need to take my mind off things so I'm (finally) going to start working on a flash menu.

Feb 12, 2008

  • Updated eD2K section.

  • If anyone has acess to XML learning materials (preferably with video), please contact me ASAP.

  • I have recieved requests to post my art works online. I will try to make a dedicated gallery for this purpose.

  • I have come to the conclusion that this website is looking rather lame and lacks "spirit". Looks like I'm just going to have to go Flash-crazy.   :)

Jan 06, 2008

  • Added an eMule tutorial section.

  • Updated the Links section.

  • Link to my resume (under menu on the main page).

  • Small miscellaneous changes.

  • Working on flash menu (when I have time).

July 28, 2007

  • Whoa! A lot of time has passed since I did anything to my site. I've gone thru two computers since my last update here. I had a nForce 4 chipset motherboard and a dual-core Pentium D 805. I had hoped for 4.1 GHz, but managed only 3.3 GHz stable.

  • I bought a crazy watercooling kit, but I still need another radiator because the one that came with the kit is not enough to handle the heat from 2 video cards and a hot CPU.

  • I later upgraded to a Core 2 Duo E6600 with a nForce 680i chipset. The northbridge on this motherboard gets ridiculously hot so I need to add it to my water-cooling loop. I'm running at 3.6 GHz right now.

  • I'm absorbing training materials. Flash, Dreamweaver, XML, JavaScript. eventually I will know as much of them as I can. After that I'll start with some programming languages. Not sure what's easiest to learn from. C++ seems the industry standard (or was a few years ago) so I'll try that after I got the hang of XML and JavaScript.

  • I'm going to make a flash-based menu in the next few days. Angelfire is only letting me have things 3 directories deep so I am forced to completely re-make the website.

Jan 05, 2007
  • The car is gone. Timing belt went. Had to replace the engine head. I had a little bit of time to think about what I was doing driving without insurance and decided that keeping that car far away from me was the best thing. God I loved that thing. *Dreaming of S2000...*

May 21, 2004

  • Kingsway Motorsport has asked me to be the webmaster for their site. I agreed. I believe this to be a good move that will attract attention to me - the kind that gets jobs. I'm sick and tired of doing security with the stupid rotating shifts where I have no life.

 April 13, 2004

  • It's been almost 1 year since I updated this website (mostly because it has not been online). I got a `92 Civic Si hatchback (and "overclocked" that sucker hehe). Planning a turbo upgrade soon.
  • I am a proud owner of a DLT3C 0310. For those of you who don't know, it's a "tuned down" version of an AMD Athlon XP 3200+. I overclocked it from about 1.45 GHz to 2.27 GHz. Running stable 167 FSB X 13.5 multiplier @ 1.725 volts / 1.7 volts northbridge / DDR 333 @ 2-2-2-5 timings / Radeon 9800 Pro (yet to overclock).
  • Motherboard is an Abit NF-7S Rev. 2.0.
  • Scores: (Coming Soon!)
  • FTP status: (sorry DOWN...use eMule).

April 1, 2003

  • Ok I now have serious problems with my CPU. It all started when I started messing with the bridges. Now I can't fully remove the conductive grease from the holes that are made by AMD to sever the bridges. I have a theory as to what is hallening. Here it is:

March 25, 2003

  • A couple new fonts are now required (more like recommended) to view the web page. Althou you can still read all and any text here because I use text wherever I can, the page will look very plain because it will use a single font everywhere. Use the link at the bottom of this page to download the fonts that are used on this page. If you think you already have it, download anyway just to be sure. TO INSTALL NEW FONTS, go to the CONTROL PANEL, then click FONTS. In the FILE menu, click INSTALL NEW FONTS. Find the location of the fonts (I assume you already downloaded from my site), then click the OK button to install the fonts. If you are still having trouble then go find somebody smarter than you to do this because I can't dumb down these instructions any further without actually doing the procedure myself!
  • Massive update of eD2K section. Movies and games are 100% listed. Software has major items listed. Also a few items in the misc section. Will start on the MP3's as soon as I get some sleep.

March 24, 2003

  • Whoa...where do I start? I had a job at the home depot, then I quit, got a new computer, (Athlon XP 2100+, 512 MB DDR 333, GF 4 Ti 4200, 60 GB, 120 GB), cablemodem. Had to get a new motherboard because my Asus A7V 333 was acting up. I got a Gigabyte GA-7VAXP and now I have the most stable system I have ever had. If something does crash, it does not take down my entire system with it like it did before. Looking for a hosting service that will support 1MB pictures or higher with 15+ MB of hosting space. Will attempt to run off my FTP server in the meantime thou.
  • Did a bit of changes on the website. Most notably the front page. Made a new sig pic with a Ukrainian theme.
  • Will attempt (in my spare time) to make a listing of all my shared files on eMule.
  • I bought an Athlon XP unlocking kit. I had limited sucess. I did this: but I still have to do this:
    I guess I'll do it when I get my hands on some extremely small wire and have the time and patience to bridge the L1 gaps again.

January 02, 2002

  • Happy New Year's!!!
  • After breaking all previous records, my Norton Antivirus 2002 has caught a total of 10 viruses in a single day while using Kazaa. I also noticed that some older installers do not clean up correctly and my temp folder was over 300 MB in size. I did the all-famous "Ctrl + A" and then "shift + del" and then "enter". After installing yet another program, I had to reboot, but as windows was starting up, it gave an error message saying that my "...user profile is corrupted or missing...". I later remembered that I also deleted files in other directories that I thought was junk, and I told myself "OH CRAP". I decided to reinstall the entire system to wipe any viruses that I have downloaded before I installed System Works 2002. So in other words, I had "fun"...but the good thing is that I'm back in business and I just did a fresh, clean install and everything is working like a charm (and no viruses).
  • Enabled Ratio on my servers because too many people were leeching off me. Full access user accounts exist for those who are either my best friends, or people who have done things for me like get me very rare software or something else.

December 28, 2001

  • The gallery menu was a table within a table, but apparently it was screwing up the way the cells were displaying after uploading to the server, so I took it out. Everything should be normal now.
  • The green color in the menu now indicates your current position on my website.
  • Trying to rebuild a half-decent collection in the "miscellaneous" section of the "image gallery" which does not yet exist.
  • Happy New Year's!!! Get drunk and have fun! (Leave the car at home....)
  • I think that I have a good chance of getting a good job...wish me luck guys!

November 26, 2001

  • Uploaded the website to test for bugs. If after this date if you do find any bugs, please send me an e-mail:
  • Uploaded the interview, that took place on IRC, with the CCP developers (Crowd Control Productions -> developing the game called EVE). You can view it by clicking here.

November 10, 2001

  • Installed Windows XP (actually I've been running it since October 23). It appears that the memory problem (that I thought) I was having never existed, and the constant crashing was just the O-SO-WONDERFUL architecture of Windows ME. I have to conclude that Windows XP Professional is BY FAR the most stable system I have ever used in my entire life.
  • Took some pictures of Nighttime Toronto. Check them out by going to the "my personal pics" section of the "image gallery".
  • Redoing my ENTIRE SITE and without frames...this way the banner ads will only appear at the top of each window rather than in each frame. I expect to be done in a week or two.

October 16, 2001

  • The game EVE is another MMORPG. It is based in space many centuries from now. It is very difficult to list the things that you cannot do in EVE that you can do in real life; piracy, smuggling, space stations, automated defense, trading, R&D, genetic manipulation, cyber-implants, and the list can go on for another 200 pages!!! Anyway, I joined a company called Scumworks and we had  a meeting to discuss our structure and strategy once the game comes out. I am now the military vice commander, but I will be doing many special ops missions like bounty-hunting for pirates and criminals, searching for stray cargo pods that can generate profit, and if I get a ship with built-in system jump drives, I will be searching for a new system so that my company will be able to hold a top secret base in which we can do whatever the hell we like without anyone knowing about it because it will be in unexplored territory and maybe even isolate it by NOT building a jump gate to allow smaller craft to come. Here we will be doing anything from holding illegal goods/wares and possibly trade them later, developing illegal technologies like weapons of mass destruction or maybe even stuff like long range sniper cannons, or scramblers of sorts that we can use to take over ships with. Because we do not exactly how the game will work, we cannot fully develop our strategies, these are all merely educated guesses based on what "Crowd Control Productions" said the game would be like.

October 15, 2001

  • After achieving a record mach speed of 4.2, I posted a screenshot in the NEW Raptor picture gallery. (This is the first picture in the that gallery.) (Note: this is it's own gallery and is not a part of the "image gallery".)

October 13, 2001

  • Added the "news section" to my website. Here I will post various items like changes to my website, major world events, new games, technology news, etc...
  • Added 2 pictures of the NYC WTC towers wreckage to the miscellaneous section of the picture gallery.
  • Added a picture about Rwanda's 1994 genocide which I find quite shocking.
  • Will have my FTP running soon; the cold weather kicked in and my computer is running a little cooler, and hopefully the system will be stable until I get Windows XP and see if it's new memory management improves things.
  • New MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) called EVE. Check it out at: or a good fan site: This game is scheduled for release in April 2002.
  • There is an online HTML/CGI/JavaScript-based game. This game is turn based and involves nation building, trading and war. Check it out at: It is completely free.