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  • Internet Explorer has blocked this site from using an ActiveX content

1. Internet Options> Advanced> Allow active content to run in files in My Computer- try checked and unchecked. One or the other may work.

2. Navigate to: C:\windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\FlashUtil9b.exe Run the .exe and this will run an updater. After running it my Flash problems were gone.

3. Run the uninstaller again. Right-click the IE icon and run IE as administrator before going back to Adobe to reinstall Flash.

  • HID service not working "Error 2: cannot find file specified"

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\HidServ\Parameters

I deleted the ServiceDll string and manually created an EXPANDABLE string value called ServiceDll with the value %SystemRoot%\System32\hidserv.dll

Went to services and started the HID input service.. its started ! and now I have volume controls :-)

  • Sympatico / DSL not connecting to certain websites under Vista (e.g. isn't working, but is working)
  • Winupdates fails with error code 80072EE2

1. Flush DSN cache - Start -> run -> (type without quotes the following:) "ipconfig /flushdns"
2. Stop win updates (from windows services)
3. Delete SoftwareDistribution folder (found in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution)
4. Re-start win updates. (from windows services)
5. Re-start computer.

  • Checks the file integrity of Windows system files. Needs Windows CD.

Start -> Run -> "sfc /SCANNOW"             (obey capital letters...small letter for "scannnow" will not properly execute the command!)

  • Resets network and internet settings to fresh windows install settings.

Start -> Run -> "netsh winsock reset"

  • Re-install TCP/IP


  • Run a program with a high CPU priority

Make a shortcut of the .exe. Open the properties of that shortcut, and under the Shortcut tab, in the "Target" field, type in this:
%windir%\system32\cmd.exe /c start "" /high "C:\Program Files (x86)\Codemasters\GRID\GRID.exe"   (I used GRID as an example)

  • Force a program to use only 1 CPU core

Make a shortcut of the .exe. Open the properties of that shortcut, and under the Shortcut tab, in the "Target" field, type in this:
%windir%\system32\cmd.exe /c start /Affinity 1 "C:\Program Files (x86)\Codemasters\GRID\GRID.exe"    (I used GRID as an example)

  • Use the DIR command to display Alternate Data Streams (Win XP SP2, W2003 SP1 and up)

dir /R

Further reading:

  • Unconditional copy command

xcopy F:\ /e /g /h /c /y /v

Notes: navigate to the desired destination directory, then type the above and replace "F:\" with the source directory. /e copies directories and subdirectories including empty ones. /v verifies the size of each new file. /c continues copying despite errors. /g allows copying of encrypted files to a drive that does not support encryption. /y will suppress overwrite warning.